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South Carolina Equipment Company is here to serve our community! We are open Monday thru Friday 7 a.m.-5 p.m. After hours are available upon request.

Why stop at multiple locations to keep your equipment and trucks maintained?  We want to be your one stop choice for entire fleet and equipment. We offer easy bill payment options with electronic invoicing.We can even send your estimate to you in an email before repairs begin!

Not all business operate the same way, we are all unique! Don't settle for just getting the job done, proper maintenance can save you money in the future!

At South Carolina Equipment Company in Westminster SC, understand your equipment is important to you, call to see if we can schedule an appointment to fit your service needs. 

We also offer many preventative maintenance options, this can help reduce down time and labor costs. 

We are here for your business and equipment. Whether your business has heavy equipment or you are looking for a tractor repair shop, or tractor repair parts we are here for you!


Why Choose Us?

Service Department

-Customer Service- 

When your drop your equipment you want to know what is being done in the repair process. We understand, no customer should be hit with a large bill. We want to work with you thru the repair process, and we want to keep you informed.  


Communication is very important! After we diagnose your equipment, we send you an estimate in email form before the repairs begin! Heavy equipment, tractor repair parts

-Attention to Detail-

We understand paying attention is important. When you bring your equipment to us remember what happened when your equipment started failing. Our goal is to correct the issue the first visit. 

   - When did this happen?
   - Is this a new problem?
   - When was the last time it was serviced?


The majority of our services are backed by a warranty. You stand behind your work and so do we!

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